Steps and Deliverables - Step 2

Expert Forum
  • One day event in a Focus Group-type facility with locations available globally. Exact location chosen by PARAGON/client teams.
  • 7-9 outside experts are typical and pre-approved by you after extensive screening for relevance by our team over 7-8 week period.
  • Your team is present for one half day of anonymous viewing and one half day of very detailed discussions with limited but critical involvement.
  • Client day begins at 7 AM and finishes approximately 6 PM.
  • Each Forum typically has 4 modules that are approximately 2 hours each with a client only debrief module after the experts depart.

Block 1: Experts provide information you need on many topics that also serves as a foundation for further considerations throughout the day.

Block 2: PARAGON manages relevant brainstorming to generate all possible options/opportunities and then expands on all in discussions. You will have a comprehensive list of all options in addition to the ability to probe deeper into those of interest through PARAGON.

Block 3: Experts converge to best possible options with your confirmation and you are identified and introduced after receiving the objective and unbiased output. PARAGON them assembles the experts into directed working teams who generate plans on specific areas that are of most interest to the client and tailored to their unique situations.

Block 4: Experts present their plans to you and expand on issues as directed by PARAGON with your direction. Q&A follows where your earlier questions are all answered and then the experts offer specific names to follow-up that will enable you to be successful.

Block 5: Client only debrief managed by PARAGON. You will have an immediate shared learning and consensus commitment to overall approaches and then specific actions and investments warranted by you with compelling business rationale.

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