Paragon Development Focus


PARAGON was established in 2001 with a focus on assisting clients to successfully develop new business, new products, and successful growth! The PARAGON team brings to the table decades of experience gained through hundreds of assignments for clients and employers as well as other organizations. Their contributions have collectively led to billions of dollars in new revenue for clients and employers they have served.

The organization strongly believes, and has proven, that the difficulties and complexities of growth for companies into new areas are successfully met with the functional excellence and talents of our dedicated employees coupled with our access to information from our unique Paragon Development Voice-of-Market™ network.

To utilize our experience in new business, new product, and new venture development, to create tangible and measurable bottom line value not attainable from any internal mechanism for our clients.
In sharing our philosophies, we need to emphasize that they are more than vague expressions of intentions and guiding principles. Our philosophies drive us and are tangible objectives in our project execution. They are our 'report card' in client engagements.

Our philosophies are that:

  • Our clients should understand future development and planning as they do their existing business today.
  • Our clients need more than historical data and information to create value from a distinctly new offering.
  • Our clients will learn from our process in ways they will apply separately from PARAGON assignments.
  • Our clients' success is the only measure of our success.

Each client project is complex and unique. Solutions must be customized to fit the clients' needs and not be forced into the consultant's model. This is accomplished through the unique combination of elements as described in PARAGON Resources.

Our efforts are focused on the actual creation of business value. We do not distract ourselves from those efforts by teaching or training our clients on any functional or topical area. Our primary objective is not to educate our clients but to help them create new top and bottom line value.

Scope of Projects
Growth comes from dozens of mechanisms and types of initiatives. The list is too numerous to mention, but does include:
  • Evaluations of business initiatives to curtail or expand commitment based on new and unknown market, business and competitive information.
  • Acquisitions, strategic alliances, new business models, vertical or horizontal expansion, as well as other strategic means of value creation.
  • Product and commercial development leveraging specific assets.
  • Revitalizing mature and commodity businesses.
  • Portfolio assessment, creation, and management.
  • Determining potential for and creating business success from start-up ventures.
Our experience covers assignments encompassing all organizational levels from start-up companies to Fortune 500 -- from corporate, R&D, or business unit product levels.
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