PARAGON Development, in close cooperation with our parent organization, is committed to Venture Partnering in corporations as well as independent start-ups.

Our resources are a perfect match for involvement at any stage and the following exemplifies our role and resource commitment:

Stage Activities Output Involvement
Early Interviews and secondary research on initial value proposition Qualified recommendations that justify funding to next stage or to cancellation Fee-for-service consulting on per diem basis.
Intermediate Voice-of-Market™ Phases, Forums and more detailed research Quantified knowledge of opportunity, identified with understanding of potential risks and keys to success. Business/Development plan. Heavy involvement over several months on a project fee basis.
Later Marketing, business development and/or operational. Hands-on involvement in creating tangible and measurable returns. Typically with equity or contingency agreements.
Corporate Venture Partnering

Our program allows for the pursuit of numerous potential new ventures that may have originated in many different ways: internally generated, suppliers or customers, academia or independent inventors. PARAGON brings the following valuable support:

  • Rapid assessment at early stages
  • Economic benefits from lower cost
  • Access to knowledge from all markets, industries and technologies
  • Ability to continue on project to commercialization
  • Providing a strategic resource to attract and respond to exciting new opportunities
Venture Capital/Independent Ventures

PARAGON Development brings an experienced business staff and process that can work as independent consultants or with detailed internal responsibilities.

In addition to the above values to corporations, PARAGON has a combination of confidence and entrepreneurial spirit and will work under non-fee agreements such as contingencies or equity involvement.

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