What our clients say about Paragon Development
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What our clients says about us

The following exemplify what our clients say about us.  Other expressions and references available upon request. An expanded list of our clients can be viewed here as well.
  I have worked with PARAGON Development for almost 2 decades and over 4 different organizations. Our work has spanned the broadest possible range of technologies, products, and markets. Together we have uncovered critical information that would not have been apparent from other approaches. The rewards far exceeded any costs to do Voice-of-Market®. Peter Lee, CEO, UniServices
  I have come back to PARAGON many different times, representing three different organizations because we get great results from the Voice-of-Market® process. Jack and his teams do their homework, and bring the right people and right perspectives in the room. As a client, I get a wider and deeper perspective on market issues and market drivers than I would with other firms. Neil C. Carr, Group President, Advanced Materials, Dow Chemical
  PARAGON has helped me in many projects over the past decade that spanned different organizations and a wide variety of objectives, both strategic and tactical. They have enabled us to very quickly understand important areas and we have made successful and informative decisions from the knowledge gain in their Expert Forums. We will continue to use them when possible and would recommend them to anyone else who needs to make important or costly decisions. Fei Chen Ph.D. Corporate Innovation Platform Director, Grundfos A/S
  PARAGON's Voice-of-Market® methodology provides powerful insights from a diverse mix of industry experts. A creative and effective way to test your market development ideas before investing big dollars, it helps manage your investment risk and increase your probability of success. Carol Pudnos, Global Director, Dow Corning
  Identifying and pursuing growth through market adjacencies can deliver tremendous value to mature chemistries and products. After identifying a new performance attribute of an existing product, PARAGON's Voice-of-Market® process allowed the business to dive deeper to understand the broader potential of this new demand innovation. Work with the team of experts in the Forum helped to explore and expand this performance capability with multiple opportunities. The Experts were able to help identify many new applications, assist in prioritizing based on market size and potential success AND provide insights into unique ways to go to market. This process is an excellent way to condense exploration and broad market expertise into a condensed timeframe leading to shortened time to market. Jan Behnke, Global Business Director, Amines & Chelants, Dow Chemical
  I have known Jack Peregrim and worked with PARAGON for over a decade and with two large corporations. The PARAGON Voice-of-Market® process is an excellent process for any company that wants to make good decisions and accelerate most types of strategic initiatives through outside in expert knowledge and insight on markets, applications, and technologies. At my last position, I was the Corporate Director of Marketing Excellence at a Fortune 50 Company and the Voice-of-Market® process was key to our getting information quickly and reliably. No other process is comparable and that includes the well known management consulting organizations whose costs are a multiple of that of PARAGON. Victor A. Maurtua LLC
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