"The only source of knowledge is experience." Albert Einstein


PARAGON Development is able to achieve success for its clients, in new product and new business development, acquisitions, mergers, alliances, market growth, etc. for many reasons. At the top of the list comes experience. As we talk about knowledge, process and experience equaling value, you must consider how experience creates knowledge and refines the processes that lead to value.

PARAGON employees and industry partners have a broad range of experience in all industries from very mature commodity petrochemicals to dynamic new industries such as biotechnology.

A list of organizations that represents the experience of key members of the PARAGON staff has been provided. This list incorporates experience gained as employees of those organizations, consulting assignments with the organizations prior to joining PARAGON, in addition to organizations that have utilized PARAGON's services.

A few client expressions are also displayed as examples of the value that the PARAGON personnel and resources have provided. These testimonials represent both PARAGON projects and those reflective of the value that PARAGON personnel personally delivered in their previous careers.

We are not limited to any particular technology, industry or market. Our experience and our unique combination of business processes bring a balance of development issues in line with strategy and marketplace trends and changes. At the end of a phase, our clients have a blueprint for success not just ideas. Our goal is to help our clients see new opportunities and avenues of growth that cannot be achieved otherwise. To help demonstrate this we have compiled a few examples of Paragon's completed projects that demonstrate the versatility, functionality, and successes our experience can achieve.

We can tell you in many different ways, how our methods, our best practices, our experience are valuable in creating the value and growth your company is seeking. We also know that hearing from individuals with firsthand knowledge will mean much more to you. With that in mind we have excerpted passages (client expressions) from letters received by employees of PARAGON Development relating to our expertise and experience.

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