Project Examples

Value Pricing

Project 1

A commodity plastics company developed a process to allow a very common polyolefin to be used in molding and fabricating processes that were not possible previously. They knew the major customers but needed objective and unbiased confirmation of the potential as well as an understanding of value to allow value pricing

To objectively identify new opportunities for our XXXX process that would enable value pricing while selling at volumes of over 100 million tons per grade per year. Also, to understand most value-adding properties to engineer into final products.

The PARAGON process enabled the client to revise and optimize the capital/operations planning based on an understanding of the market potential and expected margins. They expect to meet their criteria with close to 100% selling out of production from the first unit in the first year.
Project 2

A European client had a new materials based product that had potential in a very well defined (vertical) market. They needed to understand the North American market for producing and marketing wipes in a wide variety of consumer and commercial uses.

To determine the best way to commercialize our new technology into wipes in the North American market.

The PARAGON process provided detailed information about the value chain and uncovered an unknown but critical opportunity about where and how to apply the new material that increased the downstream value several times over the expected approach that had tentatively been selected.
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