Project Examples

Technology Valuation

Project 1

A global specialty chemicals company developed an antimicrobial technology having new and unique properties. PARAGON was asked to determine the market value and best segments to target.

To identify, quantify, and generate contributions from a new and novel antimicrobial technology while developing a staging strategy where significant long term developments are funded by shorter term revenues.

The Voice-of-Market® Forums identified 24 opportunities and prioritized them down to the 7 which best fit the client's criteria. Four of those opportunities were short term and generated substantial revenues within 3 years. The others required more extensive regulatory approvals which should be attained within 12-18 months.
Project 2

A specialty chemicals and additives company was able to functionalize an existing product in new ways that they felt had large potential in a wide range of coatings applications.

To identify and quantify opportunities based on our new, novel micro materials that improve coatings and other products.

The Voice-of-Market® Forums determined that coatings would not achieve criteria for margins and returns but we did uncover and quantify a significant opportunity in adhesives and sealants that the client has commercialized through a market partner in Europe and through direct sales in North America.
Project 3

A University group developed a new software writing language technology and their commercial office needed to understand whether the breakthrough had commercial potential and if so, to whom.

To identify the potential for the new K language technology with information technology developers and to determine the optimal ways to capture value from the technology

The Voice-of-Market® Forum validated the overall market potential and the value to customers based on savings in existing applications as well as enabling new, value-adding capabilities beyond those known today. Because our client is not a present player in the software and networking industries, we identified and introduced them to needed market partners who are commercializing through licenses and marketing of 'tool kits' employing this new technology.
Project 4

A client developed a new imaging technology that combined with software/computing technology enabled new capabilities in muscular skeletal modeling.

To understand the best areas of focus for completing development of the modeling capability including an understanding of the best applications to focus on and best business models to capture value.

PARAGON identified over 20 different applications and brought focus through detailed knowledge of 5 that were the main focus. They are commercializing these 5 which include surgical planning, ergonomics, medical university teaching, sports training, and cosmetics plus another which will be longer term and much more lucrative than the other 5 combined.
Project 5

A major global chemical company developed a soy lecithin based biopolymer that was lower cost than comparative alternatives. They invested in the initiative to provide an alternative to phenolics used in composite woods that were needed based on new California driven VOC regulations.

To validate the business plan and to determine the best means of acquiring preferred supplier and to justify capital investment plan for engineering and production scale up.

Uncovered intelligence not in public domain that existing phenolic suppliers had developed new grades that would meet regulations at a fraction of the cost basis of our client. The client saved $17 million already proposed for first production levels.
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