Project Examples

Strategic Planning

Project 1

A European biosciences company developed an enzymatic process to make Omega-3 fatty acids as well as other nutritional products. They had no experience in the nutritional products market and needed market and channel partners.

To understand the nutritional products markets globally while determining: the best opportunities to pursue, the best geographical IP strategy, projected revenues and returns, and overall capital needs and NPV.

The Voice-of-Market® Forums identified over a dozen different global opportunities. Within 2 years they were selling commercial quantities and have long term expectations for a 200 million euro per year business within 5 years.
Project 2

The Ministry of Economic Development of a Pacific Rim nation has plans to create an advanced materials center directed to new materials development with global commercial potential. This center would incorporate the breakthroughs and knowledge in their many Universities and National Labs.

To understand the best areas of focus for an advanced materials center dedicated to improving the performance of lightweight metals, polymers, polymer composites, and aluminum.

PARAGON identified the specific areas of focus that offered the largest potential for commercial success as well as identifying the major partners downstream who would provide support in development and be the initial targeted customers.
Project 3

A client developed a new imaging technology that combined with software/computing technology enabled new capabilities in muscular skeletal modeling.

To understand the best areas of focus for completing development of the modeling capability including an understanding of the best applications to focus on and best business models to capture value.

PARAGON identified over 20 different applications and brought focus through detailed knowledge of 5 that were the main focus. They are commercializing these 5 which include surgical planning, ergonomics, medical university teaching, sports training, and cosmetics plus another which will be longer term and much more lucrative than the other 5 combined.
Project 4

A major global coatings company has decided to increase their focus on their industrial coatings business and needs to better understand the driving forces and trends that will support new product development.

To increase new product contributions in industrial coatings by at least $100 million by 2011.

Several large opportunities were identified which collectively were projected to add $250 million by 2011 involving only one acquisition. The largest portion of the new revenue will come from targeting new opportunities identified with only applications development to existing coatings.
Project 5

A contract research enzymes engineering company in Europe was acquired by Bayer for its medical capability and a core group of enzyme engineers were left and needed investment to fund a new company focused on non-health enzyme development.

To develop a comprehensive understanding of the value of the client's advantages that would justify first stage funding for 18 months of R&D and commercial development.

Client received initial funding offers from multiple investors who were allowed to observe the acquisition and interpretation of the business intelligence. The client has rapidly attracted 3 stages of funding and has several enzyme products in commercial development that use several types of cellulosic feedstocks to cost effectively produce biofuels and lubricants as well derivative bio-generated chemicals.
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