Project Examples

Specialty Chemicals

Project 1

A global specialty chemicals company developed an antimicrobial technology having new and unique properties. PARAGON was asked to determine the market value and best segments to target.

To identify, quantify, and generate contributions from a new and novel antimicrobial technology while developing a staging strategy where significant long term developments are funded by shorter term revenues.

The Voice-of-Market® Forums identified 24 opportunities and prioritized them down to the 7 which best fit the client's criteria. Four of those opportunities were short term and generated substantial revenues within 3 years. The others required more extensive regulatory approvals which should be attained within 12-18 months.
Project 2

A specialty chemicals and additives company was able to functionalize an existing product in new ways that they felt had large potential in a wide range of coatings applications.

To identify and quantify opportunities based on our new, novel micro materials that improve coatings and other products.

The Voice-of-Market® Forums determined that coatings would not achieve criteria for margins and returns but we did uncover and quantify a significant opportunity in adhesives and sealants that the client has commercialized through a market partner in Europe and through direct sales in North America.
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