Project Examples


Project 1

A university in the Pacific Rim developed an inductive power transfer technology that offered performance improvements over existing technologies from multiple global players. They needed to understand the competitive environment and specific markets/applications as well as an understanding of the best business model for monetizing the technology.

To determine the value for a breakthrough by university faculty and students and the most rapid and lucrative approach to capturing value.

PARAGON identified multiple global opportunities and helped the client attract first stage funding to establish a new venture (HaloIPT) which was acquired by Qualcomm within 18 months for $81 million.
Project 2

A new startup venture needed to understand the market and business potential for a new nanotechnology to determine best strategies and to justify next stage funding.

To determine the value of the new technology at its present state of development and projected value based on achieving identified performance criteria.

PARAGON helped secure next stage funding for continued development based on the determined present value and new applications development work is ahead of projections with a clear understanding of product requirements to maximize success.
Project 3

A University group developed a new software writing language technology and their commercial office needed to understand whether the breakthrough had commercial potential and if so, to whom.

To identify the potential for the new K language technology with information technology developers and to determine the optimal ways to capture value from the technology

The Voice-of-Market® Forum validated the overall market potential and the value to customers based on savings in existing applications as well as enabling new, value-adding capabilities beyond those known today. Because our client is not a present player in the software and networking industries, we identified and introduced them to needed market partners who are commercializing through licenses and marketing of 'tool kits' employing this new technology.
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